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There are many modes of travel available and Via Travel Service wants to help you find the right one. Whatever your travel goal, whether it be for exploration, adventure, or relaxation, we'll help you choose a vacation that meets your desires.  Not only will you receive personalized assistance in selecting the best vacation, but you will have access to our services during and after your travels.  We offer ideas and suggestions to ensure you maximize your time in your destination and get the most value for your dollar.

Planning travel requires detailed research and knowledge especially in the ever-changing world of travel.  Every country's government protocols and regulations change frequently, even here in the US. We stay on top of these changes and keep our clients abreast of what they need for a seamless travel experience. Because of the amount of time we take to research and customize your vacation, we charge non-refundable professional fees.  In addition, we limit the number of clients we accept to ensure your vacation gets the amount of time it deserves.


Via Travel Service's professional fee depends on a number of variables. The total number of travelers, your travel dates, the scope of travel, how many destinations you are visiting, as well as the number of components requested.  This investment includes the value of our knowledge, travel planning expertise, professional consultation, and advocacy throughout the entire booking process. We take the stress out of planning by saving you time from spending hours on the internet searching and knowing if what you see is a reliable and the best option for your specific vacation needs.

Professional fees begin at $75 for domestic, cruise, or all-inclusive vacations, to $50 per person for multi-destination or international travel. These are the starting fees, and will be adjusted based on the scope of the bookings required as well as the number of cities/countries visited.

Concierge Services are included with your accommodation reservations.  If concierge assistance is needed where accommodations were not not booked by VTS, a minimum charge of $50 per day/per activity will be assessed.  


Changes: Once your vacation has been confirmed, a minimum fee of $50 will be charged for any changes, in addition to any supplier change fees.  There is no fee if the changes are outside your control, i.e. flight schedule changes.

Cancellation:  If you need to cancel your vacation, VTS will charge a minimum cancellation fee of $50 per person. In addition, you are also subject to the supplier or airline penalties for canceling.


         Extensive changes or cancellations can be subjected to a $50 per hour service fee.


In addition to professional fees, airline ticketing fees might come into play.  We will do a price comparison for à la carte pricing versus package pricing, taking the ticketing fees into account.  Whichever works out best for you will be suggested.

Airline Ticketing Fees:

  • Domestic: $40 per ticket

  • International: $75 per ticket

Once your vacation is confirmed and paid in full, the reservations will be accessible via our mobile app.  Within the app, you will have access to your detailed itinerary, any documents required for travel, a destination guide, and an area to communicate with us while you are on the go! 


If you prefer to have paper documents in hand while you travel, a small fee might be required based on your travel package.  This includes, but not limited to, your printed itinerary and additional documents enclosed in a document holder and zippered bag, luggage tags, pen, face masks, hand wipes and anything additional that might enhance your travel experience.


We limit the number of clients we accept at certain times throughout the year. Below is a general guideline of vacations that we work with:

Domestic Travel: Minimum 5-night accommodations.  Prices start at $400 per night for two travelers.

All-Inclusive Resorts: Minimum of 5-night accommodations.  Packages start at $500 per person, per day based on double occupancy; pricing includes air, resort, and transportation

Canadian & other International Travel: Minimum of 7-night accommodations.  Prices start at $500 per day; based on two travelers

Ocean Cruise: Minimum of a 5-night sailing. Cruises start at $250 per person, per day, based on double occupancy

River Cruise: Minimum of a 7-night sailing. Cruises start at $350 per person per day, based on double occupancy

The fees charged would be non-refundable if (1) you decide not to book the travel arrangements you've hired us to arrange & we have begun the planning process (2) cancel your trip once the deposit has been applied or (3) the scope of the work changes.  The purpose of the fee is to cover our research, expertise, leveraging our global network of contacts, itinerary planning, concierge services, quote, proposal and final document preparation. 

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