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Los Cabos - December 2019

Cabo is a favorite destination for warm weather vacations. During the Winter charter season, it is a short 4 hour non-stop flight from Milwaukee. From Chicago it is between 4.5 & 5 hours since it is a larger airport, with more air traffic.

Cabo is located in desert-like conditions along the Pacific Coast of Mexico. It does not have any humidity or mosquitos, so that is a bonus for many travelers! Unfortunately a majority of the beaches are not conducive to swimming. If you are staying at a resort in Cabo, you will be required to sign a waiver advising you were warned about the sea conditions. In Mexico, there are four different types of beach flags to distinguish sea conditions and inform visitors - Green, Red, Yellow & Black. Most of the beaches are black flagged beaches, which means no swimming allowed as the sea in that area is extremely dangerous. It can even be very dangerous to walk near the water on these beaches as rouge waves can quickly wash you out to sea. Red flagged beaches are also very dangerous, so use extreme caution if you decide to dip your toes in the ocean. There are some resorts in Los Cabos have swimmable beaches or even small coves that are safe for swimming. This is why it is important to have a knowledgeable adviser to help you find the best option for you and your family!

Myself and a few other agents were invited down to tour eight of the resort in the area. I decided to go down a day early as I wanted to check out the brand new Hard Rock Cabo that recently opened. This was a new build property so they combined some of their favorite features of their other resorts. It offers 5 pools, one is adult only as well as a waterslide for all.

Cabo is also a great foodie destination. There are many non all-inclusive resorts that offer fine dining as well as many great farm to table restaurants in the area. One new resort that I had a chance to tour was Nobu. It just recently opened and offers their signature Nobu restaurant, which is also open to the public. They also have a farm to table restaurant on-site in addition to two other on-site restaurants. Nobu & Hard Rock Cabo are both located within a gated community about 45 minutes from Los Cabos International Airport.

Take a look at a few of the resort photos and reach out if Cabo is on your list to visit!

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